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Zhengzhou Baiyun Industrial Co. Ltd We mainly produces all kinds of brake linings for automobile and motorcycle, meanwhile,we also specialized in producing molds and equipments for automatic production lines of friction materials.

Fast jump year to :
  • 2019 Established Baiyun Borui New Material Technology Co.Ltd.
  • 2017 Zhengzhou Baiyun company’40th Anniversary Factory Celebration
  • 2016 Enterprise products to enter “the first batch of Henan province to encourage the use of high-quality industrial products guide directory” Become Yutong core supporting suppliers
  • 2015 Enterprises are recognized as “Henan science and technology enterprises” enterprises won the “2014-20 annual China friction material industry top 2010 enterprises”
  • 2011 Enterprise R&D center is recognized as “Henan enterprise technology center”
  • 2010 Zhengzhou Baiyun Industrial Co.Ltd.
  • 2008 Zhengzhou Tian Hui Auto Brake Technology Co.Ltd.
  • 2007 In cooperation with the Central South University Hunan Boyun automobile brake material Co.Ltd.,the production of asbestos free brake
  • 2006 In cooperation with the people’s Liberation Army 6456th army China Factory dragon company,production of non asbestos brake pads,matching with Dongfeng Motor,Shanqi hand company;the establishment of the Zhengzhou army dragon Brake Equipment Co.Ltd.in Zhengzhou high tech Development Zone