630T double layer presser

This machine adopts the advanced CNC control system with five-spindle from Taiwan Shangyin and Taiwan new SYTNEC for high quality linear guide

  • Processing max inner-arc radius R220mm
  • Min inner-arc radius R140mm
  • Processing max width 225 mm
  • Air source pressure 4-5kg
  • Total power 10kw
  • Processing efficiency 1000-2000 pieces / 8 hours (the efficiency is different according to different holes sites and different formula )

Performance characteristics

  • Using Japanese technology,the upper beam and cylinder has an integrated structure,the main cylinder is maintenance-free and there is no oil leakage.
  • The cylinder core is made of white cast iron,hardness:Hs50-55 Sales are made of imported materials.
  • Oil pump and cartridge valve adopt domestic famous brand products.
  • Touch screen digital control of temperature,pressure and various action programs.


  • This series of hydraulic machine for a variety of drum brakes the second hot pressing molding process.


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