The assembly line for exporting to Turkey has been successfully debugged


At the end of last year, Zhengzhou Baiyun Company exported a batch of drum brake linings automatic production lines to Turkey.

The after-sales service engineers of our company were invited to the customer site for installation and commissioning on April 14.

After a week of communication and intense work, the installation and debugging were completed on April 22, and the customer began to train the operators and trial production. Ended on April 26, successfully completed the after-sales service.

This Chinese-style after-sales speed has created the fastest after-sales installation speed in our country.

Fully reflects the reliability and stability of the operation of Baiyun brake linings automation equipment project, but also with us and customers in the early stage of full communication, advance layout planning, and the hard work of on-site after-sales engineers, as well as close cooperation with the Baiyun team.

The excellent performance and enthusiastic service of the after-sales engineers of the automation branch of Baiyun Group at the customer site show the experience concept of Baiyun company "taking the customer as the center, putting the interests of customers in the first place, and helping customers create the greatest value with quality service and the fastest speed".

Our after-sales service engineers with superb technical service and the perfect cooperation of Baiyun team, won high praise from customers, and expressed their willingness to cooperate with China Baiyun company in the future.