Zhengzhou Baiyun (Group) Company participated in the industry Nanjing exhibition successfully concluded


The "26th International Technical Exchange and Product Exhibition of Friction Sealing Materials" sponsored by China Friction Sealing Materials Association was successfully closed in Nanjing International Exhibition Center on May 10.
The automation branch of Zhengzhou Baiyun (Group) Company participated in the exhibition in the form of a special exhibition, displaying a drum step type combined grinding machine. A drum plate CNC nine-axis drilling machine, a double station automatic weighing and pressing system, a drum shoe CNC rivet machine.

It represents three series of drum plate grinding automation line, disc plate intelligent automatic pressing system, brake shoe numerical control processing equipment. The system shows a series of intelligent advanced equipment of our group automation company.

During the exhibition, our booth was bustling with people, and the inquirer was in an endless stream. Each consultant manager of our company made a detailed and enthusiastic explanation for domestic and foreign customers, and was praised by domestic and foreign customers and the association leaders.